Good morning

One of the girls in my STEM Club wanted to let you know how helpful the Downwind Pilots Association’s page has been!

Nadine has been working on a project about flight & aviation, and when she was doing research she ended up on your page…

She found some great information from the links you’ve included on that page, like AOPA and she thought you’d appreciate hearing it 🙂

Nadine also found a great page on aviation history and the Wright Brothers at,-oh/

Nadine learned about the Wright Brothers this year in school & had the idea that we include this our note as a way to say thank you! She thought it would be an interesting resource for you to add to your page she found… hopefully, it’s helpful!

Thanks again and if you’re able to add Nadine’s suggestion I can show her at our next meeting – she’ll be so proud. Have a good weekend and stay safe!



Stacey Martin (and Nadine B.)